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Famous Grouse at Glenturret Distillery

Edrington Distillers commissioned us to design and produce an informative and memorable guide as both a keepsake and as a revenue generator for visitors to the Distillery and the ‘Famous Grouse Experience’ which is based there. Since its launch this summer it has already become a valuable addition to their onsite sales and info-marketing activities.

Toshie Mackintosh at ‘The Hill House’

Our ‘visual essay’ designed for ‘Toshie Mackintosh’ showcasing their new collection of fabrics and wallpapers and also marking Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s 150th anniversary.

Photographed on location at Mackintosh’s iconic ‘Hill House’ in Helensburgh and with an introduction by Mackintosh expert Roger Billcliffe titled ‘Mackintosh and the Square.’

Mrs Bridges

Our rebrand for Mrs Bridges gift range has seen an increase of more than 20% in sales since its launch. The project included rebranding, packaging and exhibition design.

Rebel Chocolate

Rebel are a start-up, their founder a science chemist turned chocolate alchemist, formulated the recipes as an ‘as good as it gets for you’ chocolate treat.

The USPs, clearly visualised on the wrapper, help differentiate Rebel from its direct competitors – a rebel amongst its rivals!

Glasgow Whisky

Our overhaul for Cailleach Single Malt included bottle selection, branding and the production techniques for application of the graphics for the bottles. Marrying these components resulted in a contemporary ‘bespoke’ presentation maximising a shelf differentiation.


Prior to the launch of our Fabric and Wallpaper Collection at the Design Index Exhibition in Dubai, our iconic TOSHIE MACKINTOSH design made a guest appearance at Glasgow City Marketing Bureau’s recent event in lower Manhattan and attracted much interest – watch press for follow-up articles.


We were delighted to see our ‘FIVE DECADES’ design succeed as the ‘Limited Edition’ Category Winner in the recent World Whisky Awards. Our ‘dna’ graphic, featured on the bottle, cap and box, was designed to convey the marrying of five unique expressions and as the key to their complexity and provenance.