About Us

     We blend creativity

with practical, tried and tested experience.

       We create effective solutions

that are both memorable and inspiring

         and designed for long-term success.


We are a team of Chartered Designers based in Glasgow working with
a wide range of clients across the UK, into Europe, the USA and China.

Whether working with a global company or a local business, our
reputation has been built on an excellence in thinking and creativity
which we marry to commercial reality
– we call it ‘Brand Advantage’.

Brand advantage

What is Brand Advantage?

Simply put, it is gaining a competitive edge.

Brand Advantage is integral to all aspects of our work –
both visual and verbal.

Whether it is name creation and brand development to positioning and
language tone of voice or intellectual property capture and ultimately the
management of a brand’s assets our Brand Advantage process ensures
successful delivery of your brand and all its collateral.

Contact us and find out how Brand Advantage can work for you.