Our unique design delivers a new format for communications – Scotland-wide ‘Landform’, for the first time, provides a platform capable of being both and artwork and a communications tool carrying a wide variety of overlays to suit a diverse range of organisations. From wildlife to architecture and beyond, it both informs and educates.

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Tackling design challenges is by nature, a creative necessity. Recognising an opportunity to create an innovative solution presents such a challenge. Combining a commercial outcome with an artwork in reaching an answer makes it worthy of note – LANDFORM is such a creative response.

Designed as a new media platform it combines a basic layer of regions with the opportunity to overlay content – from text to sounds, film, music or stills.

The outcome delivers a region by region journey – a story in a uniquely creative format – answering a need that has never been fulfilled and inviting participation from across the creative industries as well as Scotland-wide organisations in need of a ‘voice’.




  • creative design solutions


marketing material for visitor attraction