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Highland Game

Since our original branding and packaging for Highland Game launched into the retail sector some eight years ago their annual sales have grown from a few hundred thousand pounds into several million, making them the UK’s market leader in the venison category. We have recently refreshed both their ‘core’ and Tesco’s ‘exclusive’ ranges of packaging. Since this duel refresh, Tesco now list Highland Game across the UK and not as previously, only in Scotland and the core range enjoys strong growth UK wide. Our role with Highland Game extends beyond branding and packaging into strategic marketing development for new markets and increased penetration in existing markets with the design of corporate communication materials in both paper and electronic based formats.

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When we started working with Highland Game some ten years ago their annual retail sales turnover was a few hundred thousand pounds a year, now it is many millions.

From our original retail pack branding and packaging designs there is a clear evolution of the brand’s architecture to the pack designs on supermarket shelves today.

Be it packaging design or range extension, the Highland Game branding and pack design is consistent across both their ‘core’ and ‘speciality’ product ranges. Over and above their own retail branding and packaging we have developed ‘own label’ branding and packaging designs for specific markets both here in the UK and also in Europe, all combining to make Highland Game the UK’s largest producer of venison.

Not restricted to packaging design, our work has also included design, artwork and publishing of their marketing materials, one of which is featured in our portfolio. This was commissioned as part of Highland Game’s ambitions to grow the venison sector and included research, copywriting, graphic design, illustration and culminated in the production of a highly bespoke production telling the story of the company’s heritage, provenance and values.

More recently and adding to Highland Game’s core range, is our recently designed ‘Speciality’ range bringing to the shelves some more exotic protein such as Kangaroo Burgers and Ostrich Steaks for the ‘look what I’ve found’ foodie market.

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