Mackays are Scotland’s leading jam and preserves producer, exporting their products around the world. Mackays marmalade and jam are fast becoming an on shelf ‘icon’ and our development work with them over the years has been to nurture the visual brand architecture to improve its shelf presence. Subtle enhancements to the brand identity and packaging treatments have sharpened the original look and feel and contributed to growing Mackays sales, both at home and worldwide. Our work with Mackays also extends into speciality ranges which includes ‘Silver Spoon, Single Farm’ soft fruit preserves, the exclusive ‘Conserves’ and Chutney ranges which all take visual cues from the established core product range.

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We have worked closely with Mackays for many years on a variety of branding and packaging design projects.

Mackays are Scotland’s largest producers of Preserves and Marmalades and one of our first projects was to develop a new range. This was more than a simple range extension to sit alongside the core brand range and included creating a positioning based on the product’s provenance. The result was ‘Single Farm’ which in the same way as Single Malt Whisky or Single Estate wine is fruit from one farm. This range was aimed at the ‘high end’ of the market, whereas the ‘Soft Fruit’ range we developed for Mackays, was aimed at ‘every day and weekly shop’ market. In both cases however, we strived to adhere to Mackays’ well-known and understood visual architecture, using clear label designs and beautifully fresh crisp illustrations and photography.

Our recent brand refresh for their core range, which sits in virtually every supermarket multiple across the UK was an exercise in brand realignment, taking the core visual elements and revitalising each to give a much stronger on-shelf stand out.

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