Commissioned by Registers of Scotland we have produced ‘FOUNDATION’ audio visuals for both Glasgow and Edinburgh, each telling the story behind the City from its very beginnings to its people, environment and history, up to the present day. FOUNDATION is our unique design approach for a visitor attraction audio visual presentation – both as an audience experience and as an ‘artwork’. It is based on a black immersive theatre where, from a raised platform, the viewer watches the film projected on to a floor screen, literally seeing the story unfold beneath them. Beyond our FOUNDATION audio visual work we also researched, designed, produced and built a bespoke visitor attraction which not only featured ‘FOUNDATION Glasgow the story of a City’ audio visual theatre but also had further large format panoramic ‘audio visuals’ and ‘static’ exhibition displays supporting the FOUNDATION story.

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Our design and production of the FOUNDATION series commissioned by the Registers of Scotland for key cities produced ‘benchmark’ attractions using the best illustrations, computers, AV production specialists and researchers on the projects. Truly unique in their design concept and presentation they are classed as ‘visitor experiences’ – designed to be both immersive and sensual – from the surround sound engineering to the visual delights and, in some cases, shocks.

Hi definition projections and helicopter filmed fly-overs added to the visitor experience and attracted a wide audience from tourists to schools on educational programmes. Success was driven by a basic design consideration – good storytelling.

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