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Mugdock Country Park

An eye-catching brand heads up the newly designed visitor centre at this notable country park which combines history in a unique and diverse environment attracting over 600,000 visitors each year.

From the interpretations to our ‘Animotion’ overview, a complete signage, wayfinding and marketing suite revitalises the whole profile.

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When presented with a Country park attracting over 600, 000 visitors per annum and boasting a range of assets both historical and environmental, it is a delight in design terms to produce a Brand Identity to capture and present this attraction to its potential audience.

Structuring a presentation and Brand Strategy to showcase everything from flora and fauna to ancient castles and World War II gun sites requires a considered ordering of the offer. Signage and wayfinding collateral form the key to the presentation of the information and a memorable logo captures the essence of the environment as well as a visitor friendly icon.